The original uncoupling membrane, Schlüter®-DITRA 25 has been a proven solution for uncoupling membranes and bonded waterproofing since 1987. Tried, tested and trusted worldwide, Schlüter®-DITRA 25 provides waterproofing, uncoupling, crack-bridging and vapour pressure management for complete protection in tile and stone installations.


Apr 28, 2019 Plywood is made from a series of laminated strips with the wood grain on subsequent layers oriented in a perpendicular manner to each 

The free space beneath DITRA and An uncoupling membrane does exactly what the name says: it uncouples, or releases, the bond between plywood and tile mortar, allowing each surface to move independently of each other. In addition, uncoupling tile membranes prevent moisture from infiltrating surfaces below. Tile uncoupling is … 2017-02-27 If you used unmodified over plywood it may fail. I can’t guarantee a failure – it may be just fine. It depends on the amount of expansion and contraction in your floor. Unmodified can not handle very much, it isn’t flexible at all.

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Mar 18, 2013 Schluter DITRA underlayment is an uncoupling membrane that allows For instance, to install DITRA over plywood, a modified thinset mortar  A tile floor consists of three individual layers: the subfloor, the underlayment, and the Uncoupling membranes, such as DITRA (available on Amazon), also  Feb 25, 2017 3) If so, what size no more ply is recommended to install on a wooden floor? I'm sure; I've seen somewhere that you can install 6mm. But to hold  While Ditra is my preferred membrane for floor tile installation (as well as Dural Backer Lite as the uncoupling membrane and installed it over the plywood. (19 mm) plywood subfloors with joist spacing of up to 19.2" (49 cm) on center. The unique engineered tri-layered design of NA 1650 Uncoupling. Membrane  Today we'll show you how to install DITRA on a wood subfloor.

If a membrane is specified for use over a single-layer plywood subfloor, as per Method F148 from the TCNA Handbook, the appropriate choice would be an uncoupling membrane. There will be other examples that fall in a gray area where one or both types of membrane may be suitable.

All good things! Our bathroom had hardwood flooring, and you can’t lay Ditra directly on top because solid wood shrinks and swells with temperature and humidity changes.

Saves energy by directing heat to the tile, not to the subfloor. • Thinner assembly: heating, uncoupling, and thermal break in one single layer. • All-in-one system 

I've had tile installers tell me it's  How uncoupling membranes like Schluter Ditra, Laticrete Stratamat, and Custom Redgard Uncoupling Membrane work and their advantages over cement The current tile is installed to a 1/2” plywood underlayment on top of the subfloor. Do not use an uncoupling membrane on finished hardwood flooring.

Uncoupling membrane over plywood

Spread a layer of thinset on the floor using a 1/4-inch notched trowel. Uncoupling membranes have been around for over 25 years in one form or another. They are usually made with a combination of plastic and fleece, are normally sold in large rolls and are extremely lightweight. Most membranes are designed to attach to plywood, concrete or even vinyl by adhering the bottom fleece layer with thin set mortar. uncoupling membrane Schluter ALL-SET®, Schluter FAST-SET®, or modified thin-set mortar Double layer of plywood or OSB Joists, I-joists, or trusses Areas of Application over any even and structurally sound OSB or plywood subfloor with 19.2" (488 mm) o.c.
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joist spacing, single layer OSB or plywood subfloor Ouellet Uncoupling Membrane.

This video shares super quick tips for Schluter DITRA over plywood installations. Here's the link to our longer step-by-step DITRA Installation tutorial http KERDI is Schluter's foam board for tiling showers and there are other foam board products out there.
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Premium, Large-and-Heavy-Tile and Thin-Set Mortar Uncoupling Membrane Mortar is a dry-set mortar for use in large-and-heavy-tile and thin-set applications for installing tile on floors and walls. Uncoupling Membrane Mortar is part of the lines: Tile & Stone Installation Systems - Dry-Set Mortars

plywood/osb). Use an uncoupling membrane to prevent tiles from cracking or popping loose. A: If you're going directly over subfloor, tiles are likely to crack or pop loose  Apr 28, 2019 Plywood is made from a series of laminated strips with the wood grain on subsequent layers oriented in a perpendicular manner to each  May 17, 2016 Laminating layers of plywood together - how to avoid warping Glue a sandwich of 3/4" in the middle, 3/8" on top and bottom.

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membrane with the comfort and convenience of electrical floor heating. The un- coupling membrane can be installed over the entire subfloor as an uncoupling,.

Consider an Uncoupling Membrane One popular way to augment plywood substrate is with a waterproofing, uncoupling membrane between the tile and one layer plywood.