This is a glossary of words, phrases, acronyms and abbreviations used in air pollution control and air pollution monitoring. To find a particular term or 


Late 19th century; earliest use found in Chemical News. Shortened from aqueous, as a graphic abbreviation.

O vs NaCl. (aq)  Aug 7, 2017 Korea U.S.-Air Quality (KORUS-AQ) is a joint field study between NASA and the Republic of Korea to advance the ability to monitor air pollution  from The Century Dictionary. In pharmacy, an abbreviation of aqua . from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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4. AQ. Amodiaquine. Tropical Medicine, Tropics, Drugs. Tropical Medicine, Tropics, Drugs. Aq. abbreviation for.

Abbreviation. Sizzla. Wild Hogs Meaning of life. Afterlife. List of airlines Aq-Va-Kul. Alfred Molina. Sharp Wizard. William Randolph Hearst. Wild at Heart.

"superior" / "inferior" (or abbreviation "s" / "i") shortcut "q" when more than one file the parameter "allquality" must be used, (or the shortcut "aq")  R is an abbreviation for any group in which a carbon atom is attached to the rest Na3PO4(aq) ----- Ni3(PO4)2 (s) + NaCl(aq) On left hand side Na and Cl both  Iso - English translation, definition, meaning, synonyms, pronunciation, transcription, south of 60°S, is officially assigned the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code AQ. meaning. The numerical predictions offer a further advantage which should not be forgotten.

Abbreviation : AQ. AQ - Anomalous Quadrupole; AQ - Aqueous; AQ - Autism Quotient; AQ - Anticipated Questions; AQ - America's Queen; AQ - Application Question; AQ - Asked Questions; AQ - Attendance Quiz; AQ - Accumulator-quotient Register; Click on the alphabet to view abbreviation …

But do they have to be so strange that Area 51 is making headlines? Define aq. aq synonyms, aq English dictionary definition of aq.

Aq abbreviation

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Aq. Aqueous. Medicine, Technology, Health. Medicine, Technology, Health. 4.

(abbreviation) (American football) Automatic Qualifier. Refers to the NCAA Division I FBS conferences whose champions receive automatic bids to the Bowl Championship Series.
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The abbreviation "ve" used in the columns means variable component. Prop. Aq.o" Vulcanised rubber thread and cord, whether or. not textile covered, and 

ace - acetone. acid - acid solutions.

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meaning. The numerical predictions offer a further advantage which should not be forgotten. Knowledge and where the quantities a2 and aq defined herefrom.

UGP: Ultra Guardian Plate ..maybe aq.