Vad är chemtrails? Chemtrails är de rökspår i himlen som flygplan släpper ut efter sig och som ibland bildar mönster av avgaser. Naturliga utsläpp frå


2020-04-25 · There’s still no proof that the SARS-Cov-2 virus exists! BEAST SYSTEM: Nanoparticles, DNA, COVID Tests, Smart Dust & 5G (Videos) Is the Covid lockdown narrative undergoing a free-fall collapse? ‘Coercion is not consent’ Emergency Warning to Humanity! (Video) OPERATION COVID-19 originally planned for 2050, not 2020.

chemtrails. there is no proof. After years of scouring the internet and the skies in search of proof, and after years of denying their existence, this Gawker shill is finally ready to come clean The study’s authors believe this is the first peer-reviewed scientific paper that evaluates the claims made by so-called chemtrail truthers and provides proof that most real-life scientists just aren’t buying their theories. Believers in chemtrails say those trails are actually clouds of chemicals used by the government for nefarious purposes. But as Carl Sagan says, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof” A manufacturing industry inspector claims to have proved chemtrails are real. Ray Lynch, an inspector in the manufacturing industry, from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, says a timelapse video he chemtrails. there is no proof.

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Conspiracy theorists believe chemtrails are proof evil warlords are  23 Jan 2020 Contrails are routine byproducts of aviation. We see them all the time, but that hasn't stopped some from latching onto conspiracy theories  Chemtrails from Satellite Global plus YouTube Videos. 12 Aug 2016 Well-understood physical and chemical processes can easily explain the alleged evidence of a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying  VIRAL VIDEO CLAIMS TO PROVE 'CHEMTRAILS' CONSPIRACY: For many years, conspiracy theorists have claimed that the government conducts top-secret   11 Apr 2018 Solar geoengineering is controversial, and for good reason. It describes a set of technologies that seeks to reflect a small fraction of sunlight  As somebody who has spent hours on the Internet wading through the pseudoscience and conspiracy theories of that condition known as Morgellon's disease  14 Aug 2016 Believers in chemtrails argue the trails of condensation that appear behind aircraft aren't merely condensed water vapor, but trails of chemicals  26 Jun 2018 On the season two premiere of Science Solved It, we dive into one of the most pervasive conspiracy theories: chemtrails. 9 Jul 2019 The chemtrail conspiracy theory claims that some contrails are chemical, biological or otherwise toxic elements sprayed at high altitudes by  25 Aug 2013 The skies are smoky now, but when they're clear it's not strange to see vapor trails streaking the sky. Scientists say they're not harmful but some  10 Aug 2016 Quantifying expert consensus against the existence of a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program. Christine Shearer1,2, Mick West3,  2 Jul 2017 ST. GEORGE — If you've ever looked up to find those innocent-looking linear clouds of condensed water vapor left in the wake of passing  5 Feb 2015 LAS VEGAS — Strange things in the sky are an everyday occurrence in Nevada.

Sinbad admits to making the movie Sinbad in a hilarious audio clip where he claims the government was involved as well as "some mind control type shit".

The chemicals attack the  Chefen för CIA, John Brennan berättar här i videoklippet om Geoengineering (Chemtrails) och ännu mer på länkarna (Y). Det är så bra med chemtrails därför det är så otroligt att detta skulle vara sant -sign-100-undeniable-proof-chemtrails-and-haarp-are-real-leaker-speaks-out-at-  Not com trails,this is Geoengineering chem trails.

No proof of chemtrails has ever been published but the protagonists believe that any arguments counter to the existence of chemtrails stem from attempts to cover-up their existence. And that is how alternative facts are generated.

Du skall inte bara peka ut vägen, du skall gå först.

Chemtrails proof

17 Aug 2016 Is there a secret program to spray chemicals into Earth's atmosphere, resulting in "chemtrails?" Are chemtrails real?
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Dolores Cannon wrote in her latest book, The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge, Mitt namn är och jag startade denna släktplats. Släktplatsen skapades med hjälp av Det är ett fantastiskt system som gör det  På lördag kl.13 är det dags igen att protestera mot chemtrails i Stockholm på Medborgarplatsen.
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Chemtrails conspiracy theory gets put to the ultimate test. What happened when 77 atmospheric scientists actually took a look at the claim that aircraft are spewing out mind-controlling chemicals

That’s why they represent “The BIGGEST Coverup of All Time”. The governments of the world allow the relentless laying down of chemtrails , which cover up the sky everywhere they are sprayed, and then they outright lie to the unsuspecting public by saying they are just normal contrails! Chemtrails really do exist - here's proof!

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SELECTED TEXTS Text from the graduation catalogue of the 2011 Master of Fine Arts students at the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts: One can have a repulsive 

Conspiracy theorists call them chemtrails.